[kisses fandom on the forehead] you’ve worried a lot today, please get some rest and wait for news on kris tomorrow [rolls you into burrito blanket] *whispers* ot12 forever 

15.5.14 5725


I love you :”“”

15.5.14 6303


if we wake up tomorrow and this thing were confirmed to be false, please someone take screenshot so we can laugh and cringe together because we’re so cheesy and yeah we sounded so cheesy like that.

15.5.14 2085


It feels like all the stars went out.

15.5.14 6742



I think kris is the only one who dares to speak up amongst them all, even if it can cost them all their dream and popularity, I think he puts not only his own but also his members health and conditions before any kind of work. wouldn’t it be typical, doing it for the group, sorting it out before they all break down.

yeah this

15.5.14 2124



Baekhyun, if you refuse to unfollow Kris on purpose, I will talk 900% less shit about you and laugh at all of your jokes


15.5.14 2107

i am so glad you exist, even if you exist so far away from me.

15.5.14 17647


if you ever feel like you don’t do good in school just remember that Jeongguk, Bangtan’s golden maknae, got 4/100 on his English exam


"Courageously facing every tomorrow to all my dearest, I am still here." - Kris (Weibo update today)

15.5.14 4308



if you are not utterly heart melted by these two, what the fuck is wrong with you.

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

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